So, what is 58 Degrees?

  • Room temperature where lucky wine gets to hang out?
  • A much sought after benchmark for designers/creatives where a 360˚ field represents all the possible solutions to a client's creative problem and by coming within 58˚ of the client's ideal solution on the first draft ensures success within 2 additional iterations?
  • How far everyone really is removed from Kevin Bacon?


Fifty Eight Degrees is a creative design studio focused on producing outstanding web, print and creative problem solutions. Our goal? To become Your Design Solutions Ally by taking the creative work off your plate so you can get back to doing what you love.

Ok, what is your mission?

Fifty Eight Degrees was borne of 2 important realizations. One, start-ups and informed businesses have special design needs that are under served. Needs that surpass the traditional one-off solutions to include ongoing web, print, collaborative and problem solving support.

And two, design studios should function like individual free-lance designers. By eliminating the nonsense and retaining the best practices from both business models allows us to be responsive and affordable providing competent, creative solutions for our clients.

Fifty eight degrees’ mission is to work with intelligent, adventurous clients on a project and, better yet, on-going basis to produce creative solutions that captivate, inform and inspire.

Give it to me in plain English.

Not too long ago start-ups were in decline, yet today they are more abundant than ever. And while start-ups can be exciting as hell, the tasks can seem Sisyphean if you’re wearing all the hats. Trust us, we know. We owned (and operated) 2 wine tour businesses. One featured classic vehicles for transportation to wineries and the other a murder mystery walking wine tour in our town.

Fun stuff, but jeez.

And even if you aren’t in start-up mode, keeping your existing business running well and engaging at today’s pace can be challenging.

We're here to help.

#1. We understand people typically like the design studios vs. freelancers due to the larger range of skills sets, collaboration and problem solving capabilities, but preferred how freelancers fit their budgets and can be more responsive to their needs.

#2. We connect with start-ups and their, “Yay I’m working for myself doing my own thing!” highs. And we definitely understand their, “Damn there’s so many things to do when you’re doing your own thing.” pain.

#3. We also connect with existing businesses as they work at remaining visible and impactful in meaningful ways with their market without the benefit of in-house professional design resources.

This is HOW we help you.

We create outstanding web, print and creative problem solutions that alleviate the expense of in-house design employees for start-ups & existing businesses.

We are responsive, easy to communicate with and affordable while offering a large range of creative problem solving solutions.

You'll no longer have to “wing it” with:

  • staff whose expertise is in areas other than design or worse
  • doing the work yourself taking time away from what you love to do.

You'll enjoy dedicated professionals. We are Your Design Solutions Ally.

Who are the 58 Degrees people?

Fifty Eight Degrees is the Sonoma based design studio of Marina and Sterling Stevens. Together we have over forty three years of creative arts experience and over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience.

Marina Stevens
Creative Director

Marina, aka The Rock, is a seasoned multi-skilled design professional having worked with companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Mercer Human Resource Consulting and Howe Marketing Group. Her role with these companies ranged from graphic designer and art director to print manager and manager of creative department.

These experiences laid the ground work for her success as a freelance designer. With experience and extensive skills in hand she hung up the corporate life, along with it's commute, for a more fulfilling lifestyle. Opening the doors to her freelance design business, and eventually 58˚ Degrees with Sterling, she has found renewed vitality offering her creativity and help to businesses of all sizes throughout wine country and beyond.

Sterling Stevens
Development Director

Sterling, aka The Fringe, also a multi-skilled design professional has an eclectic background having worked with companies such as Universal Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, American Film Institute and Howe Marketing Group. His role with these companies ranged from sculptor and assistant editor to prop designer and graphic designer.

These experiences have added diversity to his abilities, as well as the ideas he generates for creative problem solving. Not one to quietly follow the "norm", he likes to balance convention with a healthy dose of the fringe.

Little know fact

Our daughter came up with the name for our design studio when she was 4 years old. No kidding. She's now 9 and giggles when we retell the story of how we always took turns guessing what the temperature was outside in the morning. After we each made our guess, we would look at the thermometer to see what the actual temperature was. Turns out it was often 58˚. This made quite an impression on our daughter. So at a certain point when we asked her what she thought the temperature was outside, she would confidently and loudly say, "It's 58 degrees!".