IS A DESIGN, STRATEGY & BRANDING STUDIO focused on helping businesses reach their next level of success by translating their challenges, opportunities and goals, into coherent, inspired strategy and design solutions.

Hi, I'm Marina,

Partner and Strategy Director
at Fifty Eight Degrees.

AKA your rock, guide, confidant, visionary, sounding board, devil’s advocate, fixer and true north on your branding journey with us.

Marina Stevens - Where to begin?

She likes her chocolate dark, humor light and conversation colorful. That may not be important.

What is important is that her natural likability falls somewhere between cat videos and bacon. In 20+ years of creating and directing impactful design, she hasn’t failed to put a smile on her client’s face. And she’s done it for an exceptional group of folks: Kaiser Permanente, Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Loudmouth Golf, Viansa Winery & Marketplace, The Franciscan Crab Restaurant, Invino, Art Culinaire, Corner 103 and Moldovan Academy just to name a few.


As Fifty Eight Degree’s Maven of Branding, Marina’s passion is helping others reach their next level of success. Everyone gets stuck. Marina helps people find clarify and move on with a strategic plan that advances them to their goals.

An avid traveler, she is a Napa, CA transplant by way of Sonoma, Los Angeles, NYC and São Paulo, Brazil. While not yet a fan of the cool wine country mornings, her secret weapon is a large cuppa joe…decaf please. She believes Pomegranate is not only a fruit, but the best color in the world, reading is the equivalent of meditation and finding a good cherry pie is as elusive as finding the
fabled jackelope.

Hello, I'm Sterling

Partner and Creative Director
at Fifty Eight Degrees.

Interesting ideas,
creative concepts and inspiring possibilities, I love them.
I’m all about collecting the dots,
then connecting them in
meaningful ways. Let’s create
some awesomeness


They say that not all who wander are lost.

Case in point: Sterling Stevens, an inquisitive individual with a yen for learning.

He’s earned degrees in Business Management from Champlain College, and later Communication Design from Otis College of Art and Design.

He has worked with companies such as Universal Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, American Film Institute and Howe Marketing Group with roles ranging from sculptor to assistant editor, prop designer and graphic designer.

Sterling’s multidisciplinary approach to his career is by design.

It is born of his affinity for exploring the vast world and a deep understanding that exposure to variety sparks fresh, new ways of thinking.

As Fifty Eight Degree’s Idea Detective, Sterling helps clients by first learning about their unique challenges, opportunities and goals. He then transforms those to solutions that reach beyond design and moves clients to where they want to be.